Tuesday, November 11

Happy Veterans Day!

I hope everyone has remembered to thank a veteran today! I am lucky enough to have 2 of these heroes in my family, my dad and Nate (not including grandparents). They are the best and I am thankful for them everyday. I can't imagine the sacrifices they had to make (though I know it was hard to be away from Nate while he was overseas for over a year and in New Orleans for a month). Thank you to everyone who has served in the military or has been there for someone who has!

My dad, a Vietnam Vet. He was a helicopter pilot and was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross.

Nate in Iraq. He served in Operation Iraqi Freedom from March 2003 to April 2004.

Nate's homecoming (April 2004)

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the neills said...

i remember the night they came home. you'd been there all day a-waiting and i was late because i didn't want to be all excited and deal w/ excited kids too...there's nothing like that first kiss upon seeing them again! :)