Wednesday, November 19

Life these days

It's funny how you think of so, so many things you want to and "need" to do when you can't do anything at all. I am now 25 weeks pregnant (a little over 6 months) and have just been sentenced to bed rest. As far as people being on bed rest go, I'm a pretty good candidate. I'm usually pretty happy not doing anything. I love to read and watch just about anything on TV. I cross stitch (no, I'm not an 80 year old woman) and love other crafts. I should be okay.

So I sit here on the couch (as of now I am allowed to bathe and go to the bathroom) and think about the far, far away date of March 3rd. The date our baby is due. That's over 3 months away. We will see how much TV I can handle and how many books I can read. I'm sure my blogging will become both more frequent and more boring.

I appreciate any distractions or creative ideas of things I can do. I'm sure Nate would appreciate any encouragement or ideas for him as well. For now he's stuck working, taking care of me and Cooper and keeping the house clean. I'm not sure which of us hopes March 3rd gets here faster.


Emily said...

Oh many I am sorry, I know March 3rd seems so far away- but the good news it will be here before you know it and then you will look back as "that wasn't so bad" I love to knit- and also what about online gambling. HA HA HA!

Kyla Van Voorst said...
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Kyla Van Voorst said...

Why the bed rest?? What a bummer but it will go so fast. Make Cooper snuggle with you. I still think you need to learn how to knit. is an awesome website and you can learn everything you need to know from there. Do it!!