Friday, October 31

My favorite things: October

I saw this great idea on All Things G&D from blogger "D". Here are my favorite things about October!

1. Going back to Portland for a week. I got to hang with my family -especially my nieces and nephews. I saw Ellie play soccer- she is vicious! I got to spend time with my dad and help take care of him after his surgery. It's always great to spend time with my parents. I'm lucky like that! I was able to see 3 of my in-laws. We did some of my favorite Fall things! The Campbells took me along to the pumpkin patch. Afterwards we headed to my fav Mexican place in Oregon- Bandito Taco. It was cool enough to drink hot cider. I had dinner with some of my favorite friends! And possibly one of my favorite things was all the sandwiches and bagels I got to eat! I have been craving sandwiches like it's my job!

2. We found out that we are having a son!

3. I felt my baby move for the first time. Now it seems like he won't keep still! I love to feel him and hope that by the end of next month Nate will have felt him as well! It seems like anytime Nate gets near he stops moving. Frustrating!

4. It's finally cool enough to have the windows open at the house. It's so, so nice to have cool fresh air blowing through this place.

Stay tuned to see what makes the cut next month!


swolcott11 said...

Hi Li,

It was so much fun to read your blog. I was unaware.
I love the picture of the blue and white and can't wait to begin.

Love to you all~
How about those Blazers!!!

Elizabeth said...

I remember feeling Brayden move in my belly. It was my favorite part of pregnancy. I loved it when I could see my belly move. I used to set the remote control on my belly and then Jeff and I could both watch Brayden bounce it around. Enjoy those movements while you have them. Congrats!

G+D said...

Hi! So happy to inspire a blog post. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog--hope you enjoyed your visit!