Friday, October 16

Welcome to Oregon.

I am enjoying every minute of the Oregon fall. It is cold, rainy and overcast. I love it (in on October 16th, on March 16th not so much). I forgot how much I missed the Oregon seasons.

In true Oregon fashion, we welcomed our friends Tomas, Shae and Beckham last month with a rainy weekend. We hauled the two babies all around the state (more on that to come) and around Portland.

Ben and Becks

In an effort to introduce Tomas and Shae to Oregon beer (and organic food) we drove down to the Pearl for lunch at Bridgeport Brewery. Waiting in line behind a group of typical Oregonians we noticed a sweet baby not much younger than Ben.

As all mothers do, the mommy turned around to ask about Ben and Beckham. She asked how old our babies were and I looked down at her tiny bundle getting ready to return the question when my eyes grew wide as I realized this mom was breastfeeding her child while waiting for a table. I tried desperately to turn Shae and Tomas's attention to the free peep show as I quickly averted my eyes from the mother's areas.

It must be said that I am all about nursing your baby. I would even go as far to say I support feeding your baby in public, but in line at a restaurant? Please lady, if you are out there, please at least wait until you are seated. And get yourself a Hooter Hider.

Welcome to Oregon.


fah said...

My SIL does that all the time. Just pulls it right out and sticks the baby on it. I can't get over it! Is it really that hard to throw a blanket or something over it?

Mike and Emily Campbell said...

Amen Lindsey. If you're comfortable enough to feed in public at least use a blanket or nursing cover for the courtesy of others who don't want to see your tatas. ;) Great story though. haha