Saturday, October 17

Pieces of Me (or us)


That is the only word that can describe me and this blog lately. Nate, Ben and I are still getting use to having so much to do with family and friends around. Here are a few quick updates with us and I promise you won't hear that 7 letter word around here again.

  • Possibly the only thing I am good at keeping up on are Ben's monthly updates so you should all remember that little Ben is slowly turning into Big Ben. He's 8 and 1/2 months old and still has no teeth and is just about to take off with his crawling.
  • I have a job! I am getting paid in experience rather than money but I am so excited! I am working once a week (so I'm not sure I can really call it a job) at Kate Kelly Photography. I am working as an assistant in the office and on shoots. Hopefully soon I will get to be a 2nd shooter on portrait sessions. Kate is an amazing photographer! If anyone needs photos taken definitely check her out!
  • Nate has been to every home Duck game this year and Ben and I have been faithfully watching on TV.
    Duck's Biggest Fan

  • We are enjoying everything Fall in Oregon. We've been walking in the cool weather, gone to The Pumpkin Patch, and taken many driving "naps" through the country. Have I said how much I love Oregon?

  • We are looking forward to a ton of changes this year (and no, I'm not pregnant). It's like 70% fun and 30% scary not knowing where we'll be a year from now. Stay tuned because who knows where life might take us!


Mike and Emily Campbell said...

Such a cute pumpkin patch picture! I love the cool Fall weather! Such a change from the summer :)

Priscila said...

the picture of him at the pumpkin patch is just too sweet! Love his little face! What a blessing!
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