Tuesday, October 6

At Eight Months...

8 Months


  • is wearing size 6-12 month tops, 3-6 month bottoms (poor shrimp) and size 2 diapers.
  • is about to get his first tooth! It looks like it's just about to break through. He has been such a good baby during this time. He's not fussy but is having trouble sleeping!
  • is about to crawl! He's up on his hands and knees. He rocks back and forth. He pushes up on his feet (he's into yoga). It's going to happen any minute!
  • says "da da." He has no clue what he's saying but he's making the sounds!
  • has a re-occuring date with his lady, Anna, every Wednesday. They love talking to each other and their mommies love it even more.
  • constantly has the "cough." He may be the best fake cougher ever born.
  • is growing some serious hair. It's light so it's hard to see but we think it may double every night.
  • loves Cooper and "uncle" Brady. He grabs onto them and tries to pull himself up. They are two very tolerant dogs and they love him too!
  • is a regular at baby library time. He really loves listening to his mom make a fool of herself during the songs. He particularly likes "My Little Red Wagon."
  • has the biggest smile. He smiles with his mouth wide open and does it frequently. He's definitely not a serious baby (unless anyone with facial hair is around, then he's uber-serious).
  • talks constantly.
  • makes the funniest faces. He is a very expressive child.
  • loves being near all his cousins and family. He's such a lucky boy to be loved by so many!

Big boy

Silly Ben

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Mike and Emily Campbell said...

Ben is such an adorable little boy!! Love his pictures and glad he's doing well :)