Thursday, May 7

The male future of Texas

Nate and I are lucky. We have spent a good part of our lives around babies and children (me being a 1st grade teacher in my past life). For the most part we know what to expect when it comes to Ben.

This is not the case for everyone.

Example Number One:

Ben and I were weary from a long day of travel. We had finally arrived in the Houston airport around 6 pm. I was in serious need of some frozen yogurt. Ben and I wandered the terminal in search of something tasty when we happened upon Wendy's.

I decided a Frosty would suffice and, with Ben strapped to my chest, walked up to the counter. Being as there were no other customers anywhere near the store, there were a ton of employees. The majority of the workers were young men who looked like working at Wendy's may not be there first choice. 

The young man (who informed me he was in high school) behind the counter took my order and proceeded to talk to Ben. Ben really liked the tall, skinny boy and smiled and laughed at him. He asked if he could keep Ben (to which I replied maybe). The cashier called over his buddies to look at Ben. The boys were LOUD and there were a lot of them. Tall, skinny boy's friend (shorter and not so skinny) informed me that Ben was "freakin me ow. He look like a bobbie dahl (Barbie doll). He too good lookin. He freakin me ow."

Apparently Ben didn't like this and his lip started to hang and the tears began to flow. This made not so tall and skinny guy feel bad. To make up for his he offered Ben a large amount of crackers ("Here gib him sum crackas"). 

Sweet? Yes. Logical? Maybe. I guess to some people a small 10 pound baby may look like he eats Saltines. It must be all his chins.

Example Number Two:

Last night Nate, Ben and I went to Red Robin for Nate's free birthday burger (hey, when your unemployed nothing beats free). The young man seating us looked down at sleeping Ben in his infant carrier and asked if we needed a children's menu. Seriously? 

It looks like the young men of the world (or just Texas) need a little more baby experience. Either that or my baby needs to go on a diet.

Ben showing off his svelte body obtained by eating Saltines and Red Robin burgers.

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Sarah Danielle: Jeune Marie said...

A childrens menu? Really? Good Lord people are ridiculously clueless.