Saturday, May 9

At Three Months

* A few days late.


  • weighs about 12 pounds (we are guessing). On Tuesday, April 28th he weighed 11 and a half pounds and we haven't been able to weigh him since.
  • is approximately 23 inches long. 
  • wears 0-3 months clothes though some are too small. We are also putting him in some 3-6 months clothes though they are big on him. 
  • fits comfortably in size 1 diapers.
  • still has blue eyes. They are a gorgeous steely gray and we're pretty sure they are going to stay that way. A big surprise for his two brown eyed parents (Nate's dad has blue eyes and my parents both have the gene- my sister also has blue eyes).
  • loves sticking his tongue out at us. He thinks he's quite the comedian. 
  • has a best friend. Its name is "the fan". He loves the ceiling fan and will lie on the floor or bed for hours staring at it and smiling.
  • laughs and smiles all the time. I know I've said it before, but he is seriously the most laid back baby I have ever seen (and I've been around a lot of babies).
  • has grown a few chins.
  • has flown on 4 airplanes and in first class.
  • is starting to grab at things. He tries to grab the octopus hanging from his play gym. He also grabs Cooper's favorite ball.
  • has met all his aunts, uncles, and cousins.
  • usually only gets up once during the night (however the last few days it's been twice). He still sleeps until at least 9 most mornings. We are counting our blessings.
  • is also napping in his crib! We do swaddle him for naps and he sleeps for 1-3 hours.
  • has finger nails like razor blades. Ouch!
  • is growing up way too fast!

Our healthy baby boy (check out that gut)

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KJZW said...

ahh he is such a cutie. I love his "best friend" !!!