Thursday, May 7

Long haired freaky people

I'm married to one of these long haired freaky people. A little over 10 years ago my husband had long blonde hair a la Kurt Cobain. He wore flannel shirts and had rock posters covering his walls.

I, on the other hand, was sporting my Polo's and khakis at good ole Jesuit High School. I did my homework, had slumber parties on the weekend and never once got in trouble. Seriously. My walls were covered in pale pink paint and Backstreet Boys posters and I had a teddy bear sitting on my bed.

Here I am at Prom.

The look here in Andres' eyes says "Lindsey is foxy".

Sixty minutes south, my future husband was going to his Prom looking like this*. 

It is most definitely a good thing we didn't make each other's acquaintance for a few more years.

Here we are 9 years after meeting each other over Kafka and an umbrella. We now have a son. I'm starting to think he may also be one of these long haired freaky people. 

We are so blessed to have an easy going child. He takes after both of us. He's mellow. He loves to sleep. He loves TV. However in one way he most definitely takes after his daddy. Ben is a rocker. While in utero he would throw a one man dance off any time there was rock music playing. Now the only thing that calms him is to sing "Signs" by Tesla. If he's crying, gassy, fussy, whatever. Sing a little Signs and he smiles.

Ben and his daddy will always have rock n' roll in common. I'm just waiting for the long hair to start growing. 

Our little rocker

* First of all, please excuse the horrible quality of the pictures. These were times before digital cameras. Second of all, what was that sweet girl thinking?


Sarah Danielle: Jeune Marie said...

Aww - what a cute little rock star!!

Karen said...

Just wait....a drum set also comes with the long freaky hair!

the neills said...

first--i don't think nate was taking prom seriously. :)

second--rocker kids are the BEST! altho' i'm not sure its ok your 8 yr old knows the words to Tool songs...

Christina said...

Too funny how opposite you guys were! I'm amazed you ended up together. That's awesome! And Ben is adorable! Love your blog :)