Monday, April 27

It pays to be nice.

To get to Oregon from San Antonio one is required to fly on at least 2 different planes for at least 7 hours. Most often we fly through Denver which splits our time pretty evenly. 

This past trip we flew Continental to Houston which is only about a 30 minute flight. Not bad. I wish we could fly to P-town in a half hour. Flight numero uno went smoothly. Ben ate and was silent the entire trip. Not so hard for a half hour.

It was the next flight I was nervous about. From Houston to Portland is about 4 hours and 30 minutes. That's a long time in the eyes of a 2 month old (and in the eyes of his mother). Nate informed me I had an aisle seat. I wasn't too happy about the thought of flashing myself to an entire plane while feeding my son (I didn't yet own a Hooter Hider and had only a mere blanket to shield me from the onlookers). While in Houston (after eating the most delicious milkshake) we walked up to the gate attendants and asked to be switched to a window seat. We were informed there were none available. I have to be honest, I was mad. Mad at my husband for not getting me a window seat to begin with (what kind of man doesn't think about the effects of breast feeding on a plane?). Mad at the ladies for telling me no. Mad that I would have to feed my son and worry about the drink cart slamming into his sweet little head. Luckily my internal anger monitor was in service that day because I simply thanked them for checking and said I hoped no one minded my feeding my son.

As Nate and I walked away to wait for our plane o' misery the lady called me back to the desk. As a mother to a mother, she said, how would we like to sit in first class. I had to think about it for awhile. Did I want to spoil Ben like that on his first trip to Oregon? Would he think we had money to spend in frivolous ways when really he has two unemployed parents? Would he expect extravagant gifts at Christmas and one of those gigantic blow up decorations in our yard? No. And if he does then let him suffer. We were flying first class.

Flying first class kind of ruins any other type of travel for the rest of your life. Was it worth it though? Yes. We did receive a few nervous looks as we boarded the plane with young Ben. Just wait, I thought. Wait until they see what an awesome baby he is. Before the plane even took off Nate was sucking down free whiskey like he was born to do so. I was really wanting some free alcohol but decided the stares I would get while simultaneously drinking and nursing my son wouldn't be worth it. I stuck to Diet Coke. We also got free dinner, a free movie, a really super hot towel that I'm not sure what you are supposed to do with besides burn yourself (it was really hot) and they use real dishes! Ben didn't make a peep the entire trip (take that haters) and actually slept through the majority of his first class experience (no need to worry about previous worries). I, however, tried to stay awake the entire trip so I wouldn't miss one second of luxury. Seriously though, first class rocks.

The moral of this story is: Always (I stress the always) be nice to anyone who might be able to put you in first class. It's so worth it.

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