Sunday, April 26

And we're back

I had every intention of updating my blog while in Oregon but the two weeks flew by! Nate and I are currently trying to get the house ready to sell and Ben has his first cold. I do promise to be back shortly to share some Oregon stories. 

I leave you with a few pictures (because what is a blog post without pictures?).

Ben's first plane ride. He's obviously getting tired of the paparazzi. 

Ben and his cousins (Wolcott side). Not a great picture but I'd like to see anyone get a great picture of 6 Wolcott kids.
From left to right: Ben (2 months), Luke (5), Max (2 3/4), Drew (3), Ellie (7 3/4), Makena (1)

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Lindsey said...

Missed you! Cute pics!!