Tuesday, March 31

My Favorite Things: March

1. My sister, Karley, came to visit. I seriously have the best sisters ever. Karley left her own 3 kids to come visit for 4 days. We had a great time relaxing, visiting with one of Karley's sorority sisters (actually mine as well). Ben loved his aunt and can't wait to see her next week (and meet his cousins)!

2. Nate and I celebrated out 6 year anniversary on March 11th. We brought the house down with a romantic dinner of Quiznos. Yes, we are that romantic! We celebrated again the next night with a more romantic dinner (con Bennett).

3. Ben got to meet his Gramma and Grandpa Lyons. We loved snuggling with them and talking to them (he's becoming quite the talker). 

4. Ben also got to meet his Auntie Suz (Nate's sister). We had a great time eating out, visiting the Alamo and touring the Riverwalk.

5. March was my first full month off of bedrest (since October). It's been a slow recovery and Ben, Cooper and I are talking many walks to build back some muscle tone! 

6. We have been enjoying American Idol and love watching the top 13. No favorites yet though!