Thursday, April 2

My 2 punks

Punk #1- Cooper (our first born) in Punk #1. I'm not sure you've ever met a dog with more personality. He loves watching TV. See this video for proof. He sleeps in bed with us (under the covers, head on pillow). He smiles. When he pees he alternates legs. We call this the hip swivel. I think he must be trying to mark as much territory as possible. He loves Punk #2. Yesterday I came out of the closet to find Punk #1 standing over Punk #2 (who was smiling and smiling) wagging his tale. Later in the day I was holding #2 and #1 brought his ball (see picture) over to #2 and pressed it against his hand. Sorry #1. Not going to happen for quite some time. #1 heads straight to the door as soon as #2 starts to cry.

Today I was taking some pictures of #2. #1 got jealous. He decided to get in on the action and pose for some shots of his own. He did this all on his own.

Punk #2- Bennett is starting to grow into his own personality as well. He also loves watching TV (hmm, I wonder where they get this from). He needs to be held. He loves watching #1 run by and listening to him bark. He loves listening to the fan in the bathroom and the sound of my hairdryer. He rolls over or falls asleep as soon as he is set on his stomach. #2 is really great at catching you unaware and spitting up all over you. He loves to be on the move.

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These two crazy punks make our days and nights more interesting. It's so amazing that they already are so aware of each other and love each other so much. They definitely make our family whole!

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