Wednesday, December 17

Life in the Fast Lane

That's how I describe my life lately. Cletus and I are doing pretty well. We are 29 weeks along as of yesterday. I'm trying to stay positive about this bed rest business, but it is getting kind of hard. I am oh so excited for my parents to get here on Monday and entertain me. They have decided to forget my sisters and spend Christmas with their favorite daughter. 

Cletus and I had a doctor's appointment yesterday morning. My blood pressure was high (despite my medication). That was discouraging to hear! My excuse is that my appointment was early in the morning and the medicine hadn't kicked in yet! I refuse to believe that this kid is going to come this early (if I develop pre-eclampsia they will take the baby right away)! My protein is also a +1. I think it has to stay under a +3 (but I'm not a doctor so don't quote me on that). They had me do a 24 hour test and hopefully that will be okay! I also had to take the nasty gestational diabetes test today. I did appreciate how they call that sugary, liquid jello tasting drink Glucola. It kind of made me feel like I was drinking an orange soda. I wasn't. 

Please send little Cletus your thoughts! He needs to keep cooking and we don't want them to take him anytime soon!


Sarah Danielle said...

I will keep you in my thoughts Lindsey!

Anonymous said...

Stay in there little guy...and total bull that you are the BS. Love you.--Megan