Thursday, December 18

Here's what we're missing.

Nate and I should be packing right now. I would probably be doing laundry and straightening the place up. Nate would be setting all the Christmas lights to timers. We would be waking up very early tomorrow morning. Packing Cooper up in his airplane crate. We would be driving to the airport. We would be going home. 

Instead we are here. Nate is working. I'm sitting on the couch. Cooper has bad gas. The cleaning lady is here instead. She is helping us get ready for my parents' arrival on Monday. It will be a different sort of Christmas this year. A relaxing sort of Christmas. It may be a smelly sort of Christmas if Cooper keeps up with his gas.

Here are a few glimpses of what Nate and I are missing in Oregon this year. 

Here is my brother-in-law Jim. He's married to Megan. Karley (my other sister) and I made him this shirt for Christmas last year. It says "I was just diagnosed with awesomeness." As you can see, he is awesome.

Ellie, my niece, lost her first tooth last Christmas. It was such an exciting day! 

Brady is Cooper's bosom buddy. He doesn't ever seem to have bad gas. He did, however, lick the raw turkey last year. Luckily I'm a vegetarian.

My sister Megan and my niece Makena (in the belly). We actually had snow in Portland last Christmas. That is totally rare (though it looks like it could happen again this year). 

This year will be Makena's first Christmas.

After Christmas we headed up to Black Butte in Central Oregon. It was so gorgeous and snowy. We went sledding and walking. 

The Nees Family came with us. My oldest sister, Karley. Her husband, Rob. The rugrats Ellie, Luke and Drew. 

My parents with said rugrats.

We will miss Christmas in Oregon this year! Only 372 days until next year!

Camera Shy last Christmas: my nephew Max


Molly said...

I am so bummed you aren't coming home this year. I am very excited that your parents are coming down to stay with you! How are you feeling these days?

Femme Star said...

Awe I'm sorry you aren't going home for Christmas this year. Your pictures are so sweet. But it seems your parents are coming to visit so I hope you and your husband enjoy their stay!