Friday, December 5

I love Nate!

And this time I don't mean my husband.

Nate Berkus is one of the top people I would love to show up at my front door (Knock, Knock, it's Nate!). Not only is he yummy but he loves to decorate. Sometimes when I'm decorating my own home, I think about how much Nate would love it!

For those of you to the west of me, watch Oprah today! You won't be disappointed.

BTW, our nursery is WAY cuter than the one on the show! Thanks again Bryn and my mom!

10 things Nate tells us how to do:
  1. Mix expensive things with inexpensive (read cheap) things.
  2. Use unique items. Who wants to hit the flea markets with me? If only I could get off the couch!
  3. Use pictures from books for artwork.
  4. Art doesn't have to be two dimensional. 
  5. The lack of color can be very calming (obviously not an idea I subscribe to).
  6. No themes (amen to that)!
  7. Mix the old (or old looking) with the new.
  8. Fake people out with window treatments. 
  9. Use things in unexpected ways.
  10. Ask for a better deal!

If you love Nate as much as I do, check out his book! It has great pictures (including some of him) and great ideas!

Nate- if you want to come knock on my door I know you won't be disappointed!

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