Friday, December 5

Faux Real?

It's that time of year and Nate and I are getting ready to put up the Christmas tree. Last year we shamefully* purchased a fake tree at the local SuperTarget (best store EVER by the way). We figured it was the safe alternative with us being in Oregon for the holidays. We definitely didn't want a dry tree fire to come back to!

However this year, we will be spending our entire holiday season right here in Texas. My parents are coming down to experience Christmas Texas style. Mind you my father has previously said he would disown any child purchasing a fake Christmas tree (he was okay with our reasoning last year however).

So the big question is.... Faux or Real? Do we stick with our faux tree from last year or do we purchase a real tree (and put it up in addition to the faux one)? There is nothing quite like the smell of a real tree. However there also is nothing quite like the ease of a fake one.

What do you think?

*Shameful only to these two Oregonians who have ventured to the tree farm for the past 27 years to chop down our own tree.

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Lauren and Matt said...

Hmmm- tough decision! I've never in my life had a real tree... and as far as small goes, just buy a candle!!!! lol- I'm lazy and would probably stick w/ faux. I dunno... don't want you to get disowned though!