Sunday, November 30

My Favorite Things: November

1. My mom came to visit earlier this month! We spent most of the time she was here decorating the nursery. We painted and put together furniture. It looks really good! Not only did we get to decorate (which we both love to do) but we got to spend time together too. We went to the outlet mall, out to dinner, cooked, and watched movies. It was so relaxing and I always love spending time with my mom! I will be sure to post nursery pictures soon!

2. This month Nate and I got to meet lots of little, new babies! We met babies Beckham, J.D, and Elise. They are all the sweetest things and have just made us more excited to meet our own little baby!

3. I have had a TON of me time this month. I've now been on bed rest for 2 1/2 weeks and have spent time reading, watching TV, sleeping, and internet shopping. While it's not always the easiest, I'm trying to enjoy myself and stay positive.

4. While being on couch arrest, my friends and family have kept me entertained and positive (see above). I think I spent more time on the phone with my mom and sisters than I have since I've lived in Texas. My great friends here have been over to visit and brought me magazines and things to keep me occupied. It really makes a girl feel good knowing her friends are there for her!

5. This past Thursday Nate and I hosted our first Thanksgiving. Much like the Indians (Native Americans) and the Pilgrims, we weren't quite sure what we were getting into. Nate did most of the work and turned out an awesome turkey! Christine and Rob made the traditional Thanksgiving baked ziti among other things! It was fun playing grown-ups and it was a very relaxing day!

6. The Ducks winning Civil War!


Lindsey said...

I love your blog, so glad I found it!

Elizabeth said...

Hey, what happened to your myspace account??? I was going to message you today but you weren't on my page.