Thursday, November 27

Thank You Very Much

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone out there! Today I am thankful for so many things (in random order).

Good TV- Spending this much time on the couch is hard. The many good shows on are really making a difference in my life right now! Some surprise favorites are: A Baby Story (go figure), The Doctors, Design to Sell, and anything on at 9 o'clock.

My Family- They have been nothing but supportive about the whole bed rest problem. I'm stealing my parents away for Christmas, calling everyone all day every day (hey, I'm bored) and they are being nice each time. I love them all unconditionally and will really miss them this holiday season!

Cooper- Cooper has been my couch buddy lately. He brings me toys (he's very considerate), he snuggles next to me, and keeps me company all day every day! He loves the new set-up in our house!

Christmas Commercials on TV- I love seeing all the Christmas commercials! It makes the holidays seem like they are getting close. They remind me to get my internet shopping done. Sadly, they drive Nate crazy (only before Thanksgiving, we should be safe now)!

My Friends- My friends have really been there for me lately! They always go out of their way to see me when I'm in town. They have been calling, emailing, and helping entertain me. My Texas friends have been coming over and keeping me company, bringing me food and magazines and taking Nate out for some much deserved relaxing.

Nate- I know I already mentioned my family, but Nate deserves his own category. Nate is doing everything (including bossing me around) and isn't complaining. He's cooking Thanksgiving dinner (with help from Christine and Rob), keeping the house as spotless as he can, taking care of Cooper, shuttling me to all my doctors appointments, and keeping me company. I'm sure I'm missing something, but you get the idea. He's amazing.

My Baby- Despite everything that's going wrong with me, our little man is doing very well. He's the correct size and weight and moving constantly. While I sit here typing he's stomping up and down in my stomach. I know that no matter what happens, he's a fighter already and will be ready for the world!

I hope everyone who reads this has an amazing Thanksgiving with family and friends! Remember what you are Thankful for!

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