Friday, December 5

A Doggone Good Gift

I have to admit I originally got this idea from Domino a few years ago. It is a great idea for any pet lover (or someone with kids). 

The best gifts always have a story with them. I bought this picture for Nate in 2006. I, of course, was very excited about it. Nate absolutely is in love with Cooper. He may, in fact, love Cooper more than he loves me. I knew this was the perfect gift!

I took a profile picture of the Coops (with the help of a treat), emailed the picture off and received the picture in the mail. 

One December day close to Christmas, my dad and I were watching The Today Show. There was a quick segment about unique gifts. We were both watching half-heartedly while talking. All of a sudden I noticed my Cooper on TV! They had the very picture I had ordered, complete with his name and all. My dad and I were very excited to see Cooper appearing on daytime TV! 

Not only was Cooper on TV but his mug still graces the allpopart website (the robin's egg blue option was my idea)! It's strange to think other people out there may have a picture of our dog in their homes!

And if you would rather help out a totally cute couple, Sheri and John, over at This Young House  have set up shop. They will make a very similar silhouette for a mere thirty five bones.

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