Tuesday, December 1

My Favorite Things: November

1. Thanksgiving! How can this not be on my list. I loved having family in town. Having so many people around to watch Ben meant lots of lovely breaks for me! We ate delicious food- my favorite is pumpkin bread made by moi, we watched movies and football, we talked. I remembered back to last Thanksgiving spent with best friends and me on the couch. While I miss Christine and Rob so much, Thanksgiving is definitely made to spend with family!

2. Nate got a job! He's working hard and doing well however I must say that Ben and I miss having him around!

9 Months- November '09 16
3. Pictures, pictures and more pictures. I had a great time taking lots of pictures this month. Ben's 9 month pictures, sweet baby Riley, and a family Christmas shoot for a friend. Such great practice and I feel like I'm getting better each time.

Baby R #8

4. Ben found out he's getting a new cousin! We can't wait to meet little baby Geis this summer!

5. Duck football. I'm pretty sure that nothing more needs to be said.

6. Christmas decor. Yes, Christmas should probably be saved for December but I love to stretch the holidays as long as possible. I use to be all about beautiful white lights and classy Christmas decor but this year I say bring on the tacky! I love seeing the look on Ben's face when he sees sparkly and colorful Christmas decor. This season will definitely been seen through the eyes of a child and I can't wait!

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