Tuesday, December 1

Iron Willed

Yesterday was Ben's 9 month doctor appointment (though he'll be 10 months on Sunday). All was great. He's a big guy and has great fine motor skills. Dr. T said he's a very social guy. He had his second flu shot and a blood test.

Late last night we got a message to call the doctor for the results of Ben's blood test. Never a good sign in my opinion. They were checking his iron levels and so I was sure we would be finding out he was anemic. Not a big deal at all.

As I was feeding Ben last night and rocking him to sleep I had all these horrible visions swim though my mind. Why this always happens at night I will never understand. I knew in my heart that everything was fine but couldn't beat the negative thoughts out of my head with a stick. I rocked him and cuddled him more than usual. Ben woke up a few times during the night (something he finally has gotten over). He knew his momma needed extra cuddles.

This morning we talked to Dr. T (and I mean we- Ben was chatting up a storm with her). Everything is perfect. Ben is boarder line anemic and needs to eat more meat (a small burn to this vegetarian). I gave him some extra loves when I got off the phone thinking how lucky we are. I can't imagine how parents can survive hearing heartbreaking news about their own children. I'm so thankful that all the children in our family are happy and healthy.

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Mike and Emily Campbell said...

If you're against the meat part he can always get lots of iron from dark leafy greens... I personally love meat so I'd probably find the meat easier, but just another option if it's something you're more comfortable with!! Glad he had a good check-up