Monday, November 2

Urban Baby

Ben, Nate and I headed downtown to the Pearl to take Ben's 9 month pictures this afternoon. His 9 month birthday is Friday but you have to take the sunny days you are given.

Here are a few of my favorites. Click here to see the rest.

9 Months- November '09

9 Months- November '09

9 Months- November '09

9 Months- November '09


Elizabeth said...

I LOVE them! I really think you found your calling as a photographer. The first two are my favorite. We can't wait to see you both tomorrow!

Lauren and Matt said...

These are GREAT!!! Really, really good!

DeeDee said...

Gorgeous pics and ofcourse gorgeous baby!
What camera are you using? I have a Fuji point and shoot but am looking to get a new one to shoot good pics of my DD.

Lindsey said...

Thanks! I have a Canon Rebel Xt. I shoot in manual mode. Good luck!

Ayana Huff said...

GREAT PICS!!! Ben is ROCKIN to shoes!! where did you get them?

Almost a year!! :)