Saturday, October 31

My Favorite Things: October

1. Nate and I took Ben to our favorite pumpkin patch (The Pumpkin Patch). Another bonus to being unemployed is being able to hit the patch during the week when practically no one is there. We played on the hay bales, saw the animals, picked pumpkins and bought tons of fresh food. Ben loved it!

2. Ben and I had a few playdates with friends. Ben definitely misses his Texas friends but is loving hanging out with Maya, Brayden and Anna (and I really love seeing all my friends again).


3. Ben finally learned to crawl! Just last week (at almost 9 months) our very laid back baby finally took off. He still takes it slow (which makes his parents very happy) but he's getting around and loving it!

4. We've been enjoying tons of Duck football! The Ducks are having a great season and it's been a blast watching the games in true Oregon style.

5. I've been working my big old 4 hours a week! It's been a great learning experience already and I love the adult time. I've also taken pictures for my friend's son's 1st birthday and for my sisters. Next week I'm doing a newborn shoot as well!

6. Tonight was our first of many years of trick-or-treating. Sadly Ben received no candy (people asked me if he wanted some and what was I supposed to say: "He doesn't but his mom sure does.") We enjoyed ourselves despite no candy. It was definitely one of those crazy parenting moments where I realized that I was taking my child trick-or-treating.

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