Tuesday, September 1

My Favorite Things: Summer Edition

Technically we still have 3 weeks left of summer but who really counts these last three weeks as summer. School is about to start, Pumpkin Spice Lattes are on the menu at Starbucks and it's currently a lovely 62 degrees outside (a far cry from the 100+ temperatures of early summer).

Here are some of our favorites of the last two months.

1. We celebrated many birthdays. My two sisters, a nephew, my forever friend Becky, a cousin, a sister-in-law, and me all are born in the summer.

2. We drove the hour and a half to the beach twice. It was gorgeous and has to be the most beautiful beach I've ever seen (and I've been to Hawaii many times).

the beach

3. Ben, Nate and I spent a week with the family at Black Butte Ranch where my parents have a cabin. We swam, rode bikes, walked, drank milkshakes and went to the fish hatchery. Ben loved the time with his cousins and loved Black Butte!

Tough Guy

Canoeing in Black Butte

4. Design Star and Project Runway started!

5. In baby related news, Ben started solid foods (which he loves), can sit up, reaches for his mommy and sleeps all night (almost every night) in his crib.


6. We were finally able to spend time with all our family and friends back in our home state! There is so much to do when you actually know more than 3 people where you live!

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