Friday, August 21

I know.

I've done nothing lately but post pictures. Life has been pretty typical here and I'm pretty sure no one needs to hear about Ben's new sleep schedule or our adventures with solid foods. Yes, the life of a mother can be overly exciting.

Pensive Ben

Stay tuned because I promise there is some excitement brewing (and we aren't talking Oregon microbrews- though we may have to throw some in). I can feel it in the air.

We still love Cooper too.


Rebecca said...

Ben is adorable!! Just thought I'd say thanks for stopping by my blog and that its really nice to hear from someone who has been through this before!
ps-Your doggy is super cute too!

Mike and Emily Campbell said...

So cute. I love the first picture. You take some really great shots!

Lauren and Matt said...

I want to hear about Ben's new sleep schedule and solids!!! Really I do!! ;)