Monday, June 1

My Favorite Things: May

1. My mom came to visit! Nate and I were having a little trouble (understatement) getting the house ready to sell with Ben hanging around (which he tends to do). Mama Wolcott flew out to help clean the house and spend some time with her newest grandson. Even with all the work we had a bunch of fun!

Sadly this is the only picture I took of Ben and his Gigi.

2. Nate and Cooper celebrated birthdays (their 29th and 4th respectively) and Ben celebrated his 3 month birthday! We celebrated by putting our house on the market and eating out at Nate's favorite birthday spot, Red Robin.

3. We put our house on the market. This is actually quite sad but we are really looking forward to actually selling it! 

4. I celebrated my first Mother's Day. We had a low key day but it was great to celebrate being a mom. A lot of things are uncertain right now but I know for sure that I was meant to be a mom. There is nothing better!

4. We drove up to Dallas (the real Texas). Ben was awesome in the car and we had a great time with our friends, Shay, Tomas, and Beckham. We were attacked by mosquitos the size of humming birds and spent some serious time in the heat. Ben learned a lot from Beckham (he's bilingual and sucks his feet at just 7 months). 

5. The Bachelorette and SYTYCD (So You Think Your Can Dance for all you non-fans out there) started! Nothing like some good trashy reality TV to get you through the summer!

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