Monday, June 8

Chicken Fried

Last Thursday Nate, Ben and I took a trip to the San Antonio Zoo (wanting to get in some tourist attractions before the big move). Ben loved watching all the animals and hearing about where they came from and what they ate. He was intrigued by the variety of rare birds and the warthogs. 

Seriously he slept pretty much the whole time. He did however love the fish in the Hippo exhibit. Next time we're going to take our $20 and get dinner at the Thai place with the aquarium in the back. 

Sadly this picture of Ben and Nate enjoying the fish is a bit blurry!

My favorite part of the zoo was definitely the rhino. Not because I'm fascinated with this great beast but because of the rhino habitat. The rhino at the San Antonio Zoo resides in a giant bowl. Nate and I were quite interested to see the large animal (it seems like most of the animals at the SA Zoo are quite small). We walked up to the wall that overlooked the rhino and searched for his massive-ness and horn. I finally leaned over the wall (which barely passed my knees) to see this approximately 10 feet below me.

Um, hello San Antonio Zoo people? Does this seem a reasonably safe choice for a rhino habitat? Seriously, take one crazy mom at the zoo (and she probably wouldn't have to be that crazy) and one whinny kid in the Africa exhibit and the rhino could be eating something besides hay. Here is another view of the great animal.

The top of the wall is just outside the picture. You can kind of tell in the top right corner. 
Just as I'm sure many people have accidently walked straight off the Riverwalk and into the river, I would not be at all surprised if some curious little rugrat took a tumble onto the rhino. I'm just glad it wasn't my little rugrat.

After our trip to the zoo, Nate forced us to eat at Lulu's. I didn't take any pictures because I wasn't sure if people would think I was reaching for my gun and shoot us. 

Lulu's will soon be on the show Man vs. Food. The star of the show, Adam Richman, chose Lulu's due to it's incredibly huge chicken fried steak and 3 lb. cinnamon rolls. Seriously, this thing was bigger than Ben! 

Please excuse the picture. It was taken with Nate's iphone.

While I may not claim Lulu's to be in the top 100 restaurants (and that's being generous) the cinnamon roll was freaking good! Stay tuned to see it on TV soon!

While Nate and I are sad to be saying goodbye to San Antonio soon, we had an awesome day playing tourists with Ben. Only 18 days and we will be Oregonians once again!


fah said...

I am one of those people that have walked into the river. It was not a fun experience. I've also eaten the cinnamon roll from Lulu's. Not by myself though. Several people helped.

Lindsey said...

Awwww so cute! What a blast!