Tuesday, May 26

270.9 miles

The distance between San Antonio and Dallas is approximately 270.9 miles. Nate, Ben and I packed up our house and drove up for the weekend for the ultimate playdate.

In those 270.9 miles we saw:
  • 58 pawn shops*
  • 2 dead armadillos
  • an insane amount of Cracker Barrels (the restaurant, not actual barrels)
  • 1 motorcycle gang (Los Bandidos)
  • Love Video with a sign stating: Love Video and Boutique Family Parking around back (hmm?)
  • approximately 1.7 million Texas stars*
  • 2 snake farms
  • 1 serious thunder storm
  • a giant plastic rabbit
  • a giant plastic elephant
  • 1 building disguised as a caterpillar
  • a space ship
  • Italy
  • 12 Longhorns, 7 of which were fake (we could tell because one fell down and was resting solely on 1 leg and 1 horn)
* Could be a slight exaggeration. 

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