Saturday, December 13

A Rock and Roll Nursery

I need some advice! We are looking for some artwork for Cletus's nursery and have found a few options on Etsy. If you need a reminder, here is our nursery idea board. We ended up painting 2/3's of the wall light blue and the top 1/3 is white (see the bottom picture).

Nate and I love these prints from Etsy seller johnwgolden.

The problem with them is they are only 5x7 (and $32 for the set). We would frame them with a much larger frame but I'm worried they will look too small on a whole wall (above the crib).

We can buy each print individually in 8x12. Nate would like to substitute the following picture for the amp.

The 8x12 prints are $30 each (so $90 for all three) and are an odd shape to frame with store bought frames (not custom frames). 

Do you think the small pictures are a better choice or are they too small? We know these aren't typical baby pictures, but then again, Cletus is not your typical baby! Thanks for your insight!


Karley Nees said...

I don't think the 5x7 would be too small if you had 3 of them hanging. I had 3 pictures above Drew's crib that were 12x16 (hanging vertically). You could just do bigger frames with thick matting. I agree with Nate, I like the headphones better than the amp but you probably can't substitute in the set.

Dawn Mayer said...

you could also hang 6 5x7 in a big square, that way you could take more space up on the wall.

the neills said...

i guess i'd consider where they will be AFTER their in your son's room...ya know 5-6 years from now when he might just want a superhero poster or two...what size would you want them then?

Stacy said...

Just left you a post introducing myself and then found this one. I actually commented about your nursery when you posted this on The Nest (or Bump)

You even gave me a link to your home builder, Ha, what a small world

Best of Luck with the big baby, everything is bigger in Texas I guess