Thursday, December 11

The Many Faces of Cooper

"King of the bed" Cooper
"Sometimes I think I'm a cat" Cooper also known as "Crazy eyes" Cooper
"I'm depressed because no one will play with me" Cooper
"Lounging" Cooper
"Check out my underbite" Cooper
"Sexy" Cooper
"I love babies" Cooper (We may have to work on this one.)
"Traveling in the airplane" Cooper
"I went to doggie daycare yesterday" Cooper
"I'm part ant-eater" Cooper
"Ultimate Frisbee playing" Cooper
"I can be calm too" Cooper
Festive "I'm in the holiday spirit" Cooper
"Merry Christmas and Happy New Year" Cooper

In honor of the holiday season, Cooper encourages everyone to give the animals in their lives a little extra love! There are many animals out there who need a good home (what a great Christmas gift)! Even if you can't adopt a new pet this year, there are many ways you can help! Volunteer your time (most shelters and rescue places love having people walk/play with the animals), donate old towels or blankets (in good condition), donate new toys, food, or money. 

Cooper recommends: 
Happy Holidays!


Lindsey said...

AWWWW So cute!!!

Meg said...

Lola would like Cooper to know that she thinks he's sexy. :)

Cyndi said...

He's adorable, and photogenic! I love the pic of him on the lounge chair, Zeus does that too!

Sweet Nothings said...

Rawr! Cooper is adorable!!

Femme Star said...

These remind me of my Yorkies and their many faces!