Sunday, December 7

A Christmas Story?

Last night Nate made me watch this holiday classic. I'd never seen it before and was challenged by Nate's Grandma Marie to do so. 

I have to say, I hated it! I thought it was depressing and boring. I felt bad that nothing went right for poor Ralphie. He reminded me a little of myself. All the imagining how things would be and then having them turn in the exact opposite direction. It was too much for me. 

I can now say I've seen this classic but I can promise I won't be watching it on TBS all day on Christmas. 

Does anyone else feel the same way? Am I the only one who couldn't swallow this one? 

On a side note, check out this reenactment.


G+D said...

Hi! The new layout looks great! And I agree w/you about this movie, too. I'm not a fan. =(

Lindsey said...

Hahaha I'm not the biggest fan of it either! There are other classics I much rather watch!

Elizabeth said...

That is Jeff's fav Christmas movie. I HATE it!!!!