Saturday, October 4

Fall in Texas...

is SO much different than Oregon. While great in its own way, this is the time of year I really miss Oregon. The leaves changing color, the cold air, the smell of rain, and the pumpkin patch. I love that it get cold enough to start drinking apple cider. I suppose I could drink apple cider here, but it's still in the high 90's. Despite that fact, I've still broken out my boots, scarves and otherwise fall apparel.

While I miss Oregon, fall in Texas has a lot to offer as well. Like I said, it's still in the 90's during the day and so nice in the mornings for Coops and my morning walks (like low 70's). This morning we walked up to the park (in shorts and a tank- me, and nothing- Cooper) and saw people heading to the neighborhood pool. There isn't any rain (which, while I like it, is very nice)! You can buy pumpkins at the grocery store. It may not be the same as the patch and they don't last quite as long in the heat, but we do have pumpkins.

I can't wait to be in Oregon to experience a REAL fall soon!

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