Monday, September 8

Black Butte

Black Butte may just be my favorite place in the world. This summer we (the Wolcott family minus Nate) got to spend a whole week there together. Something we've never done before. We did all the usual things like riding bikes, going to the pool, feeding the ducks, visiting the fire station and looking for deer. We also had some unusual experiences like Drew falling in the duck pond, Cooper taking off after a herd of deer (to fight or play, we really aren't sure), visiting the fish hatchery in the middle of August in the rain, and just being with 5 kids under 7. Maybe it's a good thing Nate couldn't make it!

My favorite part for sure was just spending time with those kids. Here are some pictures of them enjoying BBR. I know it will be one of their best memories ever (and probably mine too). Next year there will even be one more little one to play with!

Ellie at Glaze Meadow pool

Papa and Makena

Max at the fire station

Drew loves dirt

Luke being Luke

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