Friday, August 29

Long time, no blog.

Sorry to those of you who actually read this blog (if there is anyone)! It's been a long busy 2 months! Waaaaay back on June 21st, Nate and I found out we are expecting a little bundle this March. We are so excited and can't wait! The downside to all this baby business is that I haven't felt up to much of anything (unless it involves lying in bed, on the couch, or next to the toilet). I'm feeling better and will definitely keep you all updated with the lovely joys of pregnancy and getting ready for the little one! As a warning, if you are planning to have kids and haven't yet, you may want to skip this blog for the next 6 months!

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Emily said...

Yeah Lindsey! Congrats! How exciting for Cooper to be a big brother! I can't wait to hear all about your adventures in pregnancy! Ah the joys of watching someone else go through it!