Saturday, February 6

Happy Birthday Ben!

I cannot believe my sweet baby is a year old. He survived his first birthday and his first massive intake of sugar (donuts and cake) and is snug as a bug in bed.

1st birthday

At one year old Ben:

  • weighs about 19.5 pounds. Yes, if we travel back to month 11 our little piggy weighed 20.5 pounds. The poor guy had a bad bout with a stomach virus last week and lost some serious weight. It was an unpleasant experience for all involved.
  • wears size 3 diapers and 6-12 month clothes.
  • has 5 teeth. Three on top and two on bottom. He also loves to show them off with a huge smile.
  • is super verbal. He can mimic almost any sound we make. His favorite is "thank you."
  • may be a yogi (yoginni?) when he's older. His gigi is so proud.
  • bear crawls.
  • was baptized.
  • likes to hang in his crib after his nap and read books. I love the extra time it gives me to get a few more things done. Thanks B!
  • had his first day at Gymboree and loved it!
  • has changed our lives. Neither Nate nor I (and probably Cooper) can imagine our lives without Ben. He makes every day exciting and I love him more than I could ever say on a silly blog. He is our life. Happy Birthday little man!
And for a trip down memory lane, here is the back of Ben's first birthday invitation showing his monthly picture for the last 11 months. Funny enough, the kid started life looking exactly like dad and at one year looks exactly like his mom (minus the eyes- those are 100% daddy).

Year One

Cooper and Ben celebrate their first year of brotherhood.

1st birthday

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Happy Birthday Ben!!!!!