Tuesday, January 19

Week Two


I'm a little late this week. Again, this isn't the greatest quality picture but I love it for about a billion reasons.
  1. All the stripes. I love a good stripe and this picture has at least three different kinds of them.
  2. The way Ben is looking at his cousin, Drew. Drew stayed the night with us while his family went skiing. Ben absolutely loves Drew and the look on his face shows that.
  3. The way Drew is being so sweet with Ben. I'm not sure why he wanted to put Ben's shoes on but he sat there a good five minutes trying to get those suckers on. He was so sweet and careful trying to get them on (and they're a pain, I promise).
  4. Cooper in the background waiting for someone to throw his toy. This is the story of my life.


the neills said...

1) don't sell your photography skills short! you've gotten sooo much better!

2)this IS a totally adorable pic. you can totally tell drew is trying to be so careful...

3)cooper is so funny. lol. :)

Kate said...

Awesome, love this image and love this project!!!!

Traca said...

Great shot! Love the pup in the background!

Becky Schultz said...

What a sweet moment!!! :)

Meg Sexton said...

I LOVE this picture L! It's all kinds of perfect. :)