Sunday, November 22

Material Girl

Not everything I'm thankful for can be quite so touchy feely. Here is my list of material possessions I'm thankful for this year!

  • My iphone. I'm not sure what I would do without this little gadget. It was love at first sight. After loosing two cell phones in 6 months I resorted to toting around Nate's old ghetto phone circa 1999 (not really but you'd think it was). Nate purchased this little gem for my birthday almost 4 months ago and it hasn't left my side since. We go shopping together, to dinner together. It even has an app for taking care of Ben. I should bungie this thing to me permanently.
  • My gym membership. So this isn't exactly a material possession but I love it. My parents must have seen how badly I needed to whip my butt into shape because they bought Nate and me a year's membership for my birthday. As a side note, while working out at said gym I watch movies on my iphone. Bestill my heart.
  • My camera and computer. These two pretty much go hand and hand. I am in love with taking pictures. Not only of my son, but of any poor soul who gets in my way. I then love to spend hours on my computer pouring over said pictures and getting them ready for you all to see here. P.S. my iphone takes pictures and video.
There you have it. I have to say I've been racking my brain for even more material possessions to rave about and I'm coming up short. I must say I'm proud of myself. Material possessions have nothing on me.

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