Tuesday, September 15


I think everyone has one of those childhood places they visited every year. A place you would never appreciate as an adult if you hadn't been so captivated by it as a child.

I took Ben to my place recently. As a kid it was a story book fantasy. A place where you were literally thrown into nursery rhymes, the old west, a haunted mansion. As an adult it is a place reminiscent of the scene in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory where the puppets catch on fire. You notice the cords, the dirt, the plywood painted bright colors. It's still an amazing place.

The last time I went was almost 3 years ago when Luke (my nephew) was only 2 1/2 years old. He and I had to leave the small theater (where today we saw Snow White and the Seven Dorks) because he was scared of the man dressed as a lady. Today, his fear of drag queens has been replaced by a love of rollercoasters and the dark.

Enchanted Forest 2006
With Luke and Ellie, 2006

This time I saw Enchanted Forest through Ben's eyes. He loved the bright colors, the drag queens, and the water show. He loved being with his cousins, sliding down the Old Woman's shoe and getting his first pressed penny (he's collecting them of course). He even loved tolerated the haunted house (and actually fell asleep while walking through).

EnchantedForest 2009
Ben with my cousin, Jane

This was one of those times I really felt like a parent (is it scary I don't feel that way more often?). I'm so looking forward to more of those moments and helping Ben make those memories that make my childhood the amazing time that it was.

Enchanted Forest
Ben's first squished penny


Patrick, Jessica & Ophie Jane said...

i love this story. it makes me remember how much i used to love enchanted forest!

Anonymous said...

What a great resource!