Tuesday, July 21

Living in Style

Our family has quickly realized the difference of living in Oregon vs. Texas. We are busy. We have family, friends, the weather isn't a million point 3 degrees everyday. We go to the gym and for walks. The Nordstrom sale started. We babysit.

Life here is good. We are still getting settled into life and will be back to posting more often soon. I will leave you with a few Oregon/Texas comparisons.

  • In Texas we counted pick up trucks. In Oregon we count Subarus.
  • Our recycling bin is about twice the size of our garbage can in Texas and we can actually recycle cardboard (yes, Oregon peeps, you read that right).
  • We drink sake over margaritas (or if you're Nate you just drink lots of Oregon beer- he has to make up for lost time, right?).
  • The produce actually tastes like real fruit (the way I remember it). This is probably because it doesn't have to take 3 different planes just to get to the grocery store.
  • There are no margaritas to go in Oregon but you can buy alcohol before noon on Sunday.
  • Speaking of Sunday, places are not closed for worship and the mall opens at a normal time in Oregon.
  • No queso! (Seriously, what is up with that?)
Stay tuned for more Oregon adventures (and yes, I know I need to change my blog name)!


Mike and Emily Campbell said...

Hey there! Glad you all are getting settled in back in Oregon. Isn't it a great feeling to be "home"? I have to stand up for the rest of TX about cardboard though, we can recycle that, just has to be folded. Not sure why SA might not have taken it... Anyways, have a great week!!

the neills said...

omgosh about the subarus!!! that is a PORTLAND thing. the last couple times i've been up there (and getting to coldplay i had TONS of time to look at the vehicles around me) i've totally noticed that and in fact counted one day from like woodburn to portland. and counted 15 or so before i stopped. it's popular.

Carina Blogarina said...

It sounds like you prefer oregon?? or am i wrong? ;)