Wednesday, June 17

Welcome Home

With our time in San Antonio quickly coming to a close (only 9 days left) I thought I would share some memories of our home that we are so sad to leave.

Nate and I built our home two years ago when we moved to San Antonio. We are so lucky to have sold our house in less than a month but we are both so sad to leave it.

Welcome to our home, please come in.

This is our entry way. You can see our pup, Rufus. He's Cooper's BFF but Cooper gets very frustrated because Rufus never seems to want to play (he's a guard dog you see).

Come on into our dining room.

Dining Room
This is where we ate our first Thanksgiving on our own. We also had Christmas Eve dinner here (since we were trapped in SA because of bedrest).

Just across the way you will find my office.

My office
This is where I do all my work. Mostly that work consisted of painting the office gray and then looking at it.

Come get a snack in our kitchen.

Nate cooked our first Thanksgiving Turkey here. Unfortunately it was still raw the first time and we had to keep cooking it. No one wants to eat a raw turkey (except for Brady, my parents' dog).

Just turn yourself around and enjoy our great room.

Great Room
This is where I spent 3.5 straight months of my life. Our couch will never be the same.

Join us in our bedroom.

Master Bedroom
At night you will often find all four of us snuggled up in this bed. It's usually Lindsey all the way to the left, Nate all the way to the right and Cooper sprawled in the middle (with Ben thrown in on occasion). I wonder who rules this house?

And here is the bathroom just off the bedroom.

Master Bath
This is where I spent the first 4 months of my pregnancy. Cold tile does a lot for a sick pregnant lady. Ben currently shacks up in the exercise room directly off the bathroom.

If you'd like to wander upstairs you will find Ben's nursery. This may be my favorite room in the house and the one I am saddest about leaving. He will never remember it (except for the pictures) and has not spent one night in it.

Ben's Nursery

Ben's Nursery

The rest of the upstairs consists of guest rooms, media room, etc. If you want to see more pictures you can look here.

We will definitely miss our house but are looking forward to making our home somewhere else.

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Karen said...

First, I have to tell you how much I love reading your writing. You are so creative! Second, I love how you decorate your home...Im envious of your ability! Im sad you have to leave your home, but I am glad you will be back in Oregon! (Even though I move two weeks later...)