Saturday, May 16

Our Friday.

Yesterday was a whirlwind of a day for us. In the future we may refer to it as Craptastic May Day or possibly the Lost Debacle.

We started off having 4, count 'um, 4 showings of our house. That is pretty much awesome in this day and age. This instilled a false sense of hope and an overall optimistic outlook on our day. We should have known when Ben spit up all over Nate's face during a rousing game of airplane that something wasn't quite right (clue #1).

***Disclaimer: Continue reading only if you want to hear about poop.***

Friday night is bath night in our house (for Ben and occasionally for me too). Ben loves having a bath. He lounges in the warm water, all smiles and coos. Last night some of his smiles may have been due to the fact that he sharted (I'll let you figure that one out) in the water. We had to drain and wash the tub while a soapy and cold Ben waited patiently. This should have been clue #2.

The rest of the bath went off without a hitch. Ben was clean, in his manjamas and warm and cozy. He and daddy were having a cuddle on the bed when shart #2 occurred (have you figured it out yet?). Nate got up to change Ben's diaper. 

Now Nate can get kind of annoyed with me (or really annoyed with me) when I tell him what to do when it comes to Ben (I'm sure all you mommies hear me on this one). Las night I decided not to pass on my invaluable advice to wait to change Ben. Nate got the diapering supplies and set to work. Just as he has about to wrap up the diapering, shart #3 blessed us. It blessed us all over the carpet (thank goodness we're selling the house), all over the manjamas, all over the diaper and all over clean Ben. This had now turned into a 2 person job. Ben thinking he was funny decided that now would also be a good time to throw some pee into the mix, hitting dad all down his shirt and the soon to be sold carpet. Luckily for Ben, dad thought he was pretty funny and cleaned up with a smile on his face. I think Nate may have learned his lesson!

As the night lingered on, Nate and I decided to watch the season finale of Lost online. I hooked up the computer to the TV and Nate got it all ready to watch. Now Lost is normally a confusing show (at least to us), but last night Nate and I were especially confused (how did they get off the sub? what happened to Sayid? have we ever seen that Jacob guy before?). We watched intently as Kate, Jack, Sawyer and company tried to blow up the island. We figured our confusion was due to our earlier poop episode and the general confusion the show creates. 

The show ended (and it was a pretty good ending) and the screen flashed back to the episode list where it came to our attention that Nate and I had just sat through part 2 of the season finale. Nice work by us. The show made a lot more sense after watching part 1! I think Ben may be sucking my intelligence out through my boobs (Nate has no excuse though).

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Bayjb said...

I am also LOST about some of the shows twists and turns, but it's a great program. I hope you get some good news from the showing!