Monday, February 23

Thanks Gigi!

Ben with his Gigi

Ben is so lucky. He has the best Gigi in the world (and I have the best mom in the world). My mom just happened to be on her way to San Antonio when I went into labor early. We think Ben knew how important it was that she be here!

Gigi left San Antonio on Monday after two and a half weeks here. She helped out with Ben and Ben loved having her around. Ben's Papa was also here for a few days. Ben loved having some man time with him! It is very sad for us to think that Ben will spend the first part of his life so far away from his family. We can't wait to fly home to Oregon in April so Ben can meet all his cousins and aunts and uncles. Ben is a very lucky kid to have so many people who love him (even if they are far away). We are all counting down the days when he can see his Gigi and Papa again!

Ben with his Papa

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Lindsey said...

Gosh he is just too stinkin' cute that boy!!