Tuesday, January 6

We are almost ready!

Since baby Cletus could be here at any time (hopefully not anytime soon though) we have been getting ready! We have the Pack n Play up and ready in our room, clothes are washed and ready. The nursery is getting oh so close! Check out our idea board here.

Thanks to all your help, here is what we have thus far! As you can see, we are still working on a few little decor items but I love how it looks. Any ideas or suggestions?

The color in the pictures isn't great (I took them at night) and the photo quality isn't the best.

This is a room view. You can see the paint job (I love it). We went with the blue over the orange to make it more soothing. Anything to get the baby to sleep! The shelves by the glider are not at all complete. 

Here are the pictures we ordered! Thanks for the input. We went with the smaller size and relocated them from over the crib. They are perfect!

A close up of the bedding (from Pottery Barn). Unfortunately I realized the sheet is inside out so the colors aren't quite as bright as they should be. We loved the monkeys but didn't want to go overboard with a theme. I think it worked out well.

The other side of the room. The dresser will also be used as the changing table however we don't have the things for it yet. The pictures over the dresser will have a black and white picture of each of Cletus's cousins. The huge Boston Terrier stuffed animal is from Pottery Barn and was a definite must buy! My mom and I made the curtains out of two euro shams we bought at the Pottery Barn outlet. I love them!

The glider (BRU) and side table (from Ikea). I'm not sure about the lamp but we haven't found a different one yet (except maybe this one).

We can't wait for the little guy to be here to see it!


Karen said...

I love it ! How creative you are!

Max's Momma said...

so cute...i love the nursery. i am getting so excited for my little nephew to arrive. i have been looking at airlines tickets!!

Lindsey said...

The nursery is so beautiful!!!