Saturday, December 6

Stuff It

Stocking stuffers are always hard to come by. I try to stay away from putting junk in any one's stocking (who wants to spend money on something just to have it thrown away or sent to Goodwill). Besides the standard candy, I like to put unique and worthwhile things in those (huge) stockings we have. I searched the World Wide Web for great ideas only to come up empty handed. I decided I would create my own list for those of you out there searching for ideas!

A quick picture of our stockings last year. They are all made by my mom (the newer additions), grandma, or great grandma. Mine is the one on the far right (you can see the '80 on it).

Stocking Ideas:
  • gift certificate (Starbucks, Home Depot, itunes, etc.)
  • magazine subscriptions
  • cheese ball (okay, maybe that one is just for me, but I love it)
  • books
  • small tools (screwdrivers, wrench, etc.)
  • ornaments
  • business card holder
  • jewelry (nothing too expensive. Come on people, it's a stocking)
  • hand lotion, lip gloss, etc.
  • underwear (this one if more fun for the ladies)
  • note cards (check out The Paper Rabbit
  • golf balls
  • fancy mustard or sauces
Any other great ideas out there? I'm sure my ideas aren't a huge revelation, but I hope they help!


rkdsign88 said...

Wow...thank you for sharing this great ideas :)

Lauren and Matt said...

"Cheese ball" has me cracking up.... seriously! :)