Sunday, April 27

Viva Fiesta!

Wednesday night was the big night! Most people head down south to the "real" fiesta parties. For me the south was a little too crowded, too dirty, and too Fiesta. I figure it's good to ease in. So Lauren, Matt, Shae, Tomas, Christine, Rob, and I (the 7th wheel) stuck to the Northside (Nate had a to work). It was much more my "fiesta" style.

Here are some things I learned about fiesta:

1. Fiesta hats do exist and come in many styles. I tried to get some pictures of people in their hats (ranging from huge with bright and fake flowers to smaller more tasteful hats). I did get a pic of one unsuspecting man.

2. Make friends with Lauren's mom. She is great at sweet talking the security man into letting non-VIP guests into the VIP bathroom (i.e. not the port-o-potty).

3. Get your beer early! That goes for food too. When you find something you like ("gourmet nuts") get a lot of it!

5. Don't wear a white shirt (sorry Matt).

We had a great time! I can't wait to celebrate again next year! Here's a parting picture of us (minus Matt and his shirt) at the end of the night. Sorry it's blurry. It gives a little sense to how many of us felt that night.

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