Thursday, April 17

Toe-less Coop Lyons

Texas has been rough on Cooper. While he loves being outdoors, the dormant grass has ruined his poor feet. A few weeks ago Cooper really hurt his foot. Nate took him to the vet and he took good care of him. Apparently that wasn't enough. Coops and I went back to the vet this Tuesday where we were told the toe would have to go.

Today was the big day! Coops arrived at the vet early this morning. He was more nervous than usual but still greeted the receptionist with a smile. I left him there where they took his toe and cleaned his teeth. The vet reported that Coops was well behaved and will still be quite handsome one toe short.

Cooper is now home and working on recovering. He's very high on morphine and can't quite figure out how to get things done. For one, he couldn't figure out how to lift his leg. Instead he just peed on his leg. His foot is all bandaged up, but I will be sure to let everyone know how it looks as soon as I see it. Like the vet said, I'm sure Coops will still be quite handsome.

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